Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm collecting things for my future dark room. A couple of days ago I picked up some darkroom equipment at a estate sale. It was 25 bucks for a box of stuff. I got it for 20. I got it home and there was a durst 30om enlarger in the box. I have never seen one so small. it needs to the foam that holds one of lenses replaced. The foam just disintegrates when you touch it. Other than that it seems to work fine. I look forward to using it soon. This timer was in the box as well along with an easel,trays thermometer, and a gra-lab timer.


Frag said...

Good score on the darkroom equip. Are you going to set up some color darkroom as well as B&W? I have tons of images I would like to post and have been slow in doing so at
I will be posting a lot of my images at
Warm regards from Missoula
Don & Geri

Dean Baker said...

I will probably do color as well. One major concern will be chemicals. As you Know, they are more harsh than BW. Scanning images is a blast. There are several decent scanners out there.
Oh, I almost forgot Congratulations to you and Geri.
I had a chance to look at your wedding pictures both of you looked great. From what I saw everyone had a good time.