Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still Life

Every once and a while I see something that catches my eye. Today it was a broom.

This reminded me of an Image I made a couple of years ago that also included a broom. The broom in the next imge is in the lower left corner deep in shadow.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Early last week after running some errands, I arrived home to find a small anti-freeze under Davenport (Toyota Pick-up). So I crawled underneath to take a look. Right away I noticed that most of the coolant was coming from just behind the water-pump. I have been around cars long enough to know that there is a small weep hole located on the water pump just behind the impeller where the belt pulley attaches to the pump. When coolant starts to come out it is only a matter of time before the pump fails and all the engines coolant will drain out in a matter of moments.
   I do not consider myself a gear head or mechanic but out of necessity I find myself taking on such endeavors.


The image above shows the front of the engine with the water pump removed. It was also a good time to replace the belts and hoses.

I took all of the images in this post with my cell phone. I took this self portrait weeks before.

These images are about to find a new home but first they had to be sprayed with a preservative to keep them from fading. Then they will be matted and framed. This was the first time I had applied this preservative to any of my images giving them a matte finish. After they had dried they had a rough texture almost like sandpaper.   Images that I have made with my printer that are under glass have not faded at all but some that I printed a couple of years ago  that have been exposed to air have faded to look like something out of my childhood.