Monday, July 7, 2008

Cats For The House

So we got this big empty house and needed some cats to fill it with. So we adopted two young cats from the local humane shelter. Presto Chango instant gratification.
The first cat we got was named Brownie Muffin. Who names a cat that? I'm guessing a little kid.
Anyway we decided to name her Boo. She's a timid but a fun cat and is growning fond of us as each day passes.

The other little ray of sunshine is Mallory. She is also a loving cat. Let me tell you of a little story that happened today. My son and I went fishing today. We had not been in at least a year. So this morning we are preparing to go. I found a bag of sand that had came from the bottom of my monopod. I had put it there to make it more steady but took it out because I wanted to lighten my load for hiking when we lived in Montana. I had put in with the fishing stuff before the move. So the bag got thrown on the portable dishwasher this morning and when we returned home today found sand was all over the house. In the living room, kitchen, dining room, foyer, up the stairs. all over and Ethan and I suspect it is Mallory that instegated the whole operation.
Don't think this is just a another cute little face. I liken her to a Polar bear. All sweet and cuddly but she will kill you if you give her a chance. Just kidding.

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