Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work In Progress

    Work In Progress. Who has not heard that statement before? This is my first attempt to use a product that has been around for quite sometime called Liquid Light.  It is a Liquid emulsion used in Black and White Photography. It is to be applied to just about any surface and developed in a darkroom just like any light sensitive paper. The other day I picked up a roll of some brushed aluminum at a yard sale. When I handed the man my money he said that he was going to use it to dress up a utility trailer but never got around to it. He just looked at me funny when I told him what was in store for it.

My lovely wife, Melissa.

Springwater River, Waushara  County, Wisconsin.

    Holding the image at different angles shows detail and contrast. I have found I am learning lessons as I go. I applied some to a sheet of glass. The emulsion set up so fast because the glass was cold. Looks like I will need to heat the glass next time before I apply the emulsion. I exposed it and got an image but I could not bring myself to post it. 

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