Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gently Used

    Last winter, I purchased an old Ricoh camera for twenty bucks. In the camera case was a couple of lenses, flash,  light meter, and some filters. After looking through the contents of the case, I went to town and bought a battery that powers the light meter inside the camera. It worked. The light meter in the camera is like the one found in a Pentax K1000. A simple needle on the right hand side of the frame as one looks through the viewfinder. In hindsight, I wish I would have started photography classes with such a camera. I placed the camera back in the case and placed it upon a shelf in the garage where it sat until last month.

    My daughter, Megan, visited here last month and since we were developing film and making prints, I thought it would be perfect time to run a roll through the camera. Early one morning while Megan slept, I pulled out the camera and cleaned it up a little and loaded a roll of T-max black and white film and out into the yard I went. Here are a couple of results from that roll.

Colorado Blue Spruce.

The Ricoh did okay and I am satisfied with the results. The only drawback I found with the camera is the mirror hits really hard when the shutter is released.  A tripod or monopod needs to be used with this camera. Did I use one for these pictures? What do you think?

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