Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Easy Targets

I got out this morning to shoot a roll of black and white film. The morning was nice and crisp for a change. I ventured out to a couple of places I wanted to visit but have not really had a chance to for some reason or another. 

This self-portrait was made with my digital camera. I am unable to make self portraits with my large and medium format cameras. I need to invest in a squeeze bulb that will give me several feet to make an exposure by squeezing air into a line to trip the shutter. I found this place by wandering around a park with my black and white goggles on. Seeing color is easy for us. Black and white on the hand is not so easy. As I write this entry, that roll I exposed this morning is drying. Once they dry I will be able to make some prints. There are a couple of images from the roll I feel will make good prints.  More to come...

One of the places I visited this morning was a railroad display near downtown.

This wagon has seen better days.  Makes one appreciate how much things have changed in the last 100 years.

As I was leaving the park I noticed some flowers that caught my eye as they swayed in the dappled light. These flowers towered above me creating a great background of  blue sky and clouds.


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