Friday, December 11, 2009

Fall 09

Sometimes a day can make a difference. Earlier this fall I had a day where I just planned to find a few covered bridges in Waupaca County. The leaves had just begun to turn colors. Some trees were on fire with color while others remained green. I had found two bridges in the county one in the Waupaca area and one down by Wild Rose.

This is the Crystal River.

The bridge here is a foot bridge. I must admit I found the place a little touristy. Since I was the only one around I did not seem to mind.
The next place I traveled to was the Springwater Bridge. This bridge was a little more conventional in the fact that it is a real working bridge. As I got out of my truck I asked a homeowner if I could park there and take pictures. The owner told me to take as many pictures as I wanted and that I could also use his property to access getting a good shot. I thanked the man as he cleared leaves from his yard.

Occasionally the view in the other direction can be as appealing as the original subject.

I try hard in some of my landscapes images to leave out unwanted elements when I can.
 Signs can take on so many meanings and statements whether intended by the photographer or not. Q has become a whimsical friend.

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