Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trip To Baxter State Park

Saturday, Melissa and I took a trip to Baxter State Park. After stopping at the Ranger station we decided to take the park's road that goes around the left side of the park. The road is gravel and was in pretty decent shape. The road stretches 42 miles from the south end to the north end of the park while going around Mt. Katahdin and a range of mountains that help make up the park. Fall colors was the reason for the road trip and while it sprinkled on us most of the day, our only mishap was a flat tire.
The spare tire on our truck has never been on the ground and looks like it will remain there, tucked under the bed. It wont succumb to my brawn . I just ended up twisting steel rods that are supposed to lower the tire look like pretzels.
We were helped by a couple from Houlton, Maine that showed us great Maine hospitality by taking me to the edge of the park where I had the tire plugged and returned me to Melissa and the truck. We must have picked up the only nail in the park but that is just how it goes. The rain or nail did not dampen our spirits.
The place is beautiful and is in some spots reminded us of our many homes. Melissa and I have been away from deciduous trees for a couple of years, so taking in the sights and smells were a treat.

A red leaf. It seems like forever since we have seen one this color.

Most of the road that stretched across the park looked like this. The road wound its way through the woods with sharp turns in some places. We saw only a handful of other cars once we left the populated campground areas.

If your going to have a flat, this is the place.

Melissa and I took the rural route up to Baxter. Stopping here and there when something caught our eye.

Dying ferns.

Like I have said before, the water is so black. It is so captivating, mysterious, and I am drawn to it like a magnet. The water here was deep, judging by the steepness of the bank.

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