Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Trip To Acadia

Melissa and I took out this morning to get some more fall photos. Our plan was to head south towards Acadia and then head northeast towards Canada. While we took several images of fall foliage. The highlight of our day turned out to be the Schoodic Point of Acadia National Park. It is on the other side of the bay from Bar Harbor, Maine. What a delight to avoid the crowds of leaf peepers ,as they are known by Mainers, by taking a detour that we found hard to leave.

Melissa found these beautiful shells in a small tidal pool. They are in water several inches deep. It was so alive. There was so much going on a micro level. Little invertebrates swimming around in the pool. These blue shells that would rival any fine china.

Ah, Schoodic Point. I had made a couple of images already and I thought I had what I wanted. We were preparing to leave when Melissa mentioned a sail boat out in the gulf that had just come into sight. So we waited and the result was worth the wait. The light shimmering on the ocean and a lone sail boat on the horizon. I have always wanted an image like this.

This is Wonsqueak Harbor. I am not the first and will not be the last to stumble on this jewel. So with the promise of fall images of Acadia which I have. I feel that I have saturated this blog with them so they will go into a folder for now to be brought out on a winter day.

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