Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back to the Bog

Earlier this week I made it back to the Orono Bog. I wanted to see how much things have changed since my last visit. Some things have changed but other parts of the bog look the same. The trail itself is a floating boardwalk out into the bog. Much like walking on a boat dock.

I would consider this a self portrait. The shadow of my arm and the camera mounted on the tripod. When I am out shooting I always carry it. I don't care how goofy I look. Sure I can shoot without one but that is another story all together.

I certainly would not enjoy traipsing around in this stuff. It is like a floating carpet.

I will soon be adding some more images from the Kenduskeag stream. I have gone down there several times over the last couple of months because it is close. From what I understand it has another name that I only recently learned,"The Barrens" as it is referred to in the Stephen King novel, "IT." I have not yet seen Pennywise the clown down there offering up balloons to me. If I do see him I will ask for a twisty dog or a hat ballon.

Since it is October, I need to go down to Mt. Hope cemetery and get some pics.

As far as the house we are in being haunted. I am skeptical about it. We do hear noises in the night(loud knocking noises around 4:30a.m.). Like this morning I was awakened to hearing a loud thud downstairs. I thought for sure it was Mallory rifling through our trash can located in the kitchen. Mallory who is the eternal alley cat often leaves clues to her trashcan snacking. I went downstairs and did not find anything out of place. Who knows. Spooky!!!!

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