Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Painting

Yesterday I stopped by the local thrift store. As I was browsing around a old print caught my attention. The print which was taken from Rising Sun in Glacier. It was just propped up against the wall. I could not leave it. 3.00 bucks. Of course this was not a oil painting. This was a mass production of a picture to look like a painting. How old? Who knows. It is dirty. I'm leaving it that way.
Did the person that had it before gaze upon it because they had been there? Was it a dream for them of a place that existed that they planned on visiting? Did they even know where it was? Had they purchased it from some local department store because it was pretty?
It made me homesick. Why? We have stood in this very spot we have hiked the trail. We know exactly where this picture was taken. We have hiked this trail from Sun Point to Bearing falls and down further yet to St. Mary's fall. We have sat on its banks and fished without a soul in sight for hours with only nature as company as we caught Whitefish and Rainbow trout. We have picked the occasional huckleberry and Logan berry while making our way along the trail.
Then I looked through my images I knew I had one.

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