Sunday, September 21, 2008


For My birthday I got the opportunity to finally set up my darkroom. I have been collecting equipment here and there for the last couple of years. I must admit I am a little rusty. It has been almost 5 years since I've been in a darkroom. So after mixing up some chemicals and processing some film. I blocked off the light coming into the bathroom and began to make a couple of enlargements.
I am using resin coated paper and I am not sure how I feel about using it. I was taught to use fiber based paper and I will get some eventually.

Below are scans of a couple of prints. I know I could have scanned the negatives but what is the fun in that.

This is the Thomas Hill Standpipe. It is a water tower and landmark for the city of Bangor. The image itself was made with the Mamiya c330 along with a red no.25 filter.

This Image was taken from Center st. in Bangor. It appeals to Melissa and I both.

This is the Kenduskeag stream. It is closest to home. I didn't even have my tripod. Just out having fun trying to see again in Black and White.

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