Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Things

While waiting for the thaw to come in a couple of months, this is a good time to reflect on random things and projects that are works in progress.

Skiers beware. You can see them here by the stickers they have on their vehicles. Mountains conquered, memories made,and free advertising SugarLoaf is a popular mountain here in Maine to go to ski. I like to collect bumper stickers of places we have visited. We just don't put too many on our vehicle. Like a badge of courage to say we have been to this place and now we are forever attached to it.

This is a sticker for SugarLoaf. Why not personalize it?

Movies. I do enjoy them. One of my favorite movie clips of all time is from the Wizard of Oz or should I say the Dark Side of The Rainbow.

I guess it is the music set against chaos of the movie scene, while a tornado dances on the plains is what I like. I always liked the scene even without Floyd. Cinema at its best.

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