Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alley Cat Alert !!!

On many occasions we have found some article of food that has been molested by our beloved cats. Melissa and I for the most part have had to live the lifestyle of campers by securing all food products away in a safe place. This morning we had a breech of food security. The latest victim was a food sweetener called Purevia. The little packets are just too fun for Mallory to resist. She has a fetish with wrappers any wrapper. Any opening of a wrapper will bring her from anywhere in the house. Melissa and I may cannot start securing our food way up high like we were in bear country. Mallory is too smart for that. If it has a wrapper she will find a way to get to it and if she can't eat it. She will play with it.

The Crime scene.

Caught in the act!!!

For now Mallory has won. Until we find a better security system in place, Melissa and I will have to dance the soft shoe with Purevia at our feet.

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