Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Demise of Polaroid Film

Soon Polaroid will stop making instant film. This is sad. I understand it is just business but this medium of photography that was so well liked by myself and many others will fade away into history soon. It was so popular and like digital today could give a photographer instant feedback on a final image. While I did not get a chance to explore image transfer or other uses of the medium. I remember using a Polaroid when I was younger(one step) and family members using them as well. Many of the images of my family were made with Polaroid cameras and film. I stopped at an estate sale the other day and saw two Polaroid cameras just setting there. I don't remember the price of them but I'm sure they did not get sold. Of course there is plenty of Polaroid 600 style film out there and the cost is still not too bad. The Film that I use for my 4x5 camera. In which I have a Polaroid back now costs 5 bucks for each exposure I make and getting harder to find. I did get around to making a couple of images with my 4x5 Graphflex over the weekend.

The two images below were taken with Polaroid Type 54 iso 100 Black and White 4x5 film.

I also was pleased to know that my Lenses for my 4x5 come apart for cleaning. They had marks on them where the previous owner tried to clean them but did a poor job.

This is another of my finds it is an old Kodak No.3 pocket camera. I Know there are a bunch out there. With some work could be usable but the bellows are are torn at the corners and for the time being will just be used as a chach-ka(knick-knack). I have a smaller one that is in worse condition(will post pic at a later date) but fun to have just the same.

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