Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hunt

Today, I returned to Powers Bluff to look for morel mushrooms. I did not find any which is not out of the ordinary for me. Years ago, I had an acquaintance that could see them on the forest floor from about 15 yards away.  To this day,I find myself practically on my hands and knees looking for them. I could not help but take another picture of the Trillium flowers (see previous post) while I was there.


I was the only one in the park. No one around for miles. Silence, just the sounds of nature and the occasional moo of a cow off in the distance. This park used to be home to several tribes of native Americans. About this time of year they would gather from miles around to dance and celebrate the return of spring.

This is another image of Bloodroot. I was drawn to it like a magnet.

Spring in Central Wisconsin.

This caught my eye the other day. Auburndale, Wisconsin.

In a world of politically correctness and fix it now, I find the laid back attitude of Milladore Wisconsin to be alright.

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