Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snow Tunnel

I had made a trail in the back yard this winter so I could easily access firewood. I used our snow-blower to keep this trail open and large enough to get a wheel barrow to and from the wood pile.  The wood trail  ran almost like a maze through the backyard.  The trail had a couple of inches of snow on it, while everything else was covered by drifts and accumulated snow. One day, a couple of months ago, while sitting at the computer next to a window that looks out onto the backyard, I saw a couple of ground squirrels running back and forth along the trail. They played in and around the firs in the backyard chasing one another. As they ran down the trail, I watched them disappear into a small hole in the snow along the trail. Today, as I did some work in the yard removing dead limbs and raking leaves where the snow has receded. This is what I found.

The opening is about three to four inches across and about the same in height. There are a couple of other tunnels that I am sure connect in the remaining snow. Sad to see all of their hard work melt but I am sure they are ready for spring too.

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