Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boundary Waters

Recently, Melissa and I had the opportunity to stay with some friends at their cabin in northern Minnesota. This was a great chance to become unplugged for a few days. To some the ideal of no running water or electricity can be down right scary. For me it becomes relaxing not having to deal with distractions of technology. After a while, I come into a mellow frame of mind. The sounds of only nature brings peacefulness.

 I had a first while here. I caught my first Smallmouth Bass here. I have been fishing for thirty some years and have caught many different species of fish. I can now put a check mark beside the smallmouth. While it was not a trophy, it is something I have never experienced first hand.  


This is one of the entrances to The Boundary Waters and also the view from the cabin. Between the trees no motorized boats are allowed. It is here wear I heard a pack of wolves the night before. Their howls filled the darkness carrying over the water only a long enough to let you know that they are out there. I would say less than a mile away.

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