Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Polonia Mission

Yesterday I got out to take a few pics driving the back roads of Portage and Waupaca counties. I like sunny days to take pictures but cloudy days can be just as good if not better.

We live in an interesting part of Wisconsin. Within Portage county we have flat farm land and rolling hills and to the north in Marathon county we have what some would call mountains but they are big hills to me. When the snow blows here it just blows with nothing to stop it but tree lines and ditches. Once the ditches fill with snow onto the road it blows.

Wisconsin is farm country and barns are plentiful. I have always loved barns they are great for landscapes. Barns also have character because no two are really alike. Barns in Wisconsin are also great for tourism. There are barn tours, countless calenders, and historical societies dedicated to preserving them.  When one catches my eye  I try to at least make a mental note of where it is so I can come back later to make images.

 I stopped in the village of Plolonia to take pictures of a barn that is on the property of Felician sisters. The place is now a school for about forty children but in the thirties was a orphanage for children.  I asked the caretaker if i could take a few pictures.

 I have been by this place several times since we have moved here but decided to not take pictures of until yesterday.  The fence and the barn are beautiful. The caretaker told me that no one has been in the barn since the early eighties. I would love the chance to get in there some day and see how the light shines from those glass block windows.

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